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Linux ‘Environment Variables’ 0

Linux ‘Environment Variables’

In windows, when we want a program to run anywhere we simple add it to the PATH section of the environment Variables… Well, what about linux? ln -s /root/ /bin/shortname # nnow we can...

Linux rsync backup script 0

Linux rsync backup script

HOW TO USE: edit following file and set DIR as the directory you wish to backup. save as make exceutable with ‘chmod +x’ Run with ./ /mnt/mymedia    (where /mnt/mymedia is the...

How to change date and timezone in linux 0

How to change date and timezone in linux

To change date: date -s “18 JUN 2013 12:22:00” To change timezone: sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata   NOTE: After changing linux date/time/timezone make sure you restart cron with: /etc/init.d/cron stop /etc/init.d/cron start #or in Ubuntu/Debian...