Meet MutexBot, an alternative to Yoink Bot

Yoink is an excellent shared resource manager in slack, but with the news that it was going paid at an entirely too expensive price in 2022, I figured, “why not write my own”.

So I did… meet, a slack shared resource manager to assist in managing you software licenses, shared accounts, dev environments etc.

The syntax is pretty straightforward

/mutex create [resource_name]
/mutex reserve [resource_name]
/mutex reserve [resource_name] [duration]
/mutex reserve [resource_name] [duration] "[note]"
/mutex release [resource_name]
/mutex delete [resource_name]
/mutex list

Hope all who find it find it useful. I’m also interesting in knowing what you use it for! Leave a comment down below with your MutexBot use case 🙂

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  1. Andy Shinn says:

    Cool! Using it to reserve development environments. Any plans to have a queryable API or page available to list reservations without have to type the command? It’s a feature I wanted from Yoink so I could embed information on dashboards or have a more live view of environments without needing to type commands.

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