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Category: Windows Tips, Fixits and Hacks

How to disable Cortana and Web Search in windows 10 anniversary update (2016)

With the newest update, windows has hidden the option “search online and include web results” and therefore has made it difficult for users to disable Cortana and Web results completely. Luckily for us there is a relatively easy fix. Type Win + R to open run and type in gpedit.msc…

Windows 10 Ninja Cat wallpaper


To celebrate one year of the Windows 10 insider program, Microsoft sent out this email to its insiders with exclusive Ninja Cat Windows 10 wallpapers as well as a Ninja Cat GIF.

The wallpaper zip below contains multiple files in various sizes for both phones and PC’s alike.

You can download the official files using the links below:

How to stop Google Chrome from crashing

This one is simple. For random freezes, Flash Player crashes etc… 90% of the time, they can be resolved by downloading the 64 bit version of chrome… Most likely you have the 32bit version (the default). Go to the site again, download the x64 and voilia.  No more crashes

How to sync time with NTP server in windows

To sync your time with a known local timeserver/domain controller, open up CMD (preferably with administrative privileges) and type net time timeserver /set /yes   If you instead want to sync with an external time server. w32tm /config /syncfromflags:manual / /reliable:no /update   Another useful command to note is: w32tm /stripchart…