BBM for Android (and iPhone) Officially Released

2013-10-21-18-44-50Yup, you’ve read right. Blackberry messenger for android has finally been released and you can get it now here. Despite all the false starts and their fiasco of a launch its nice to see RIM finally pull through.

As with everything good there is always a bit of a catch. As quoted from Blackberry

As you know, in just seven hours, about one million Android users were using the unreleased version of BBM for Android. What you don’t know is that more than one million people have found creative ways to “side load” BBM on their iPhone. This is incredible.

To help manage this unprecedented pent up demand for BBM, we are implementing a simple line-up system to ensure a smooth roll out.

Translated, it means: While you and anyone else can install the app to your phone you need to have previously signed up to actually run it. If you didn’t opt-in before, then you need to now, then wait until your turn comes to be given access.

As one who has been following RIM since the pre-release, I have already registered with them and therefore was lucky enough to bypass their queue. If you’re stuck waiting and you have any questions about the app, then leave a comment and I’ll answer them as best I can.

BBM Play Store Link: BBM for Android

Here are a few Screenshots of the app throughout the initial start-up and installation process. [Taken on Galaxy Note II running BBM for Android]