NodeFerret – Free Server and Uptime monitoring

I am the creator of NodeFerret, as a result I will be biased towards it. With that said, let us begin.

So what is NodeFerret?
At a high level NodeFerret aims to be a Linux Server and Uptime monitoring tool. It continuously checks your website(s) and/or server(s) and notifies you (eMail, Slack, Webhook) if anything goes wrong.

You mentioned the word free… much does it really cost?
Well the ‘official’ pricing is on the website but for the general hobbyist or indie developer use it’s essentially free.

How can you sustain it while having it ‘essentially free’?
I initially created NodeFerret for myself. To monitor various sites and servers I have online.

After I was done I realized that I had so much extra resources that I could have 1000 more me’s using the service and not have to pay an extra dollar…. so here we are.

Why would I use NodeFerret over say, NewRelic or DataDog?
If you need the level of insight into your servers or applications that these providers provide then NodeFerret probably isn’t right for you.

We are focused on the average developer or sysadmin who wants something easy to use and ‘just works’, Not the DevOps Engineer with a fleet of containers and a full-time job caring for them.

Sounds interesting, where can I sign up?
Right over there –>

What if I have problems?
You can leave a message on the nodeferret community forum.
Or email me directly at support[@]

Final Words
I do hope you enjoy using NodeFerret as much as I enjoyed creating it. I am always adding new features and trying to make it a better tool for everyone.