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Month: September 2013

How to run a benchmark on your VPS (or any server)

wget bash

How to give www-data (or any other user) sudo

Use visudo so you don’t completely destroy your PC. (Visudo will tell you there are any errors before you save [mistakes…

How to Convert DMG files to ISO

First go here and download the latest dmg2img win32 binary. Extract files then in Command Prompt > C:pathtodmg2img.exe C:pathtosourcefile.dmg C:pathtoextract.iso

How to install php modules

Type apt-cache search php5- Then apt-get install <<name_of_module>>  

How to get IP of linux server

Open up a terminal andd.. ifconfig eth0 | grep inet | awk ‘{ print $2 }’  

How to display array in human readable format in php

To print the display in ‘human readable’ format, use the html preformatting tag before print_r: echo “<pre>”; print_r($myarray); echo “</pre>”;…

How to login to a ftp server in linux

From your command line type ftp ftp > open Or Alternatively, ftp It will prompt you for a…

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