Façade’s Cabal Bot

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Current Version: V1.0
Release Date : July 10th 2012

Download Links:

64 bit Version

32 bit Version (untested)

  1. Open Cabal, log in, choose your character and move to any map with monsters.
  2. Open Bot.
  3. Click ‘Set Top’ then click the top-right corner of an imaginary box in Cabal where you want the bot to search for mobs (Note, close map on top right corner for bigger box with less unexpected issues)
  4. Do the same for ‘Set Bottom’ but click the bottom-right corner.
  5. If you wish to have the bot autopot then click ‘Set Hp’ then click on the area on your screen where you wish the bot to send the Pot Command “=”
  6. Click ‘Set Point’ then Select on the Monster Hp Bar in Cabal, the leftmost area whilst still maintaining the yellow, or yellowish color.
    NOTE: If you see a black (or other unexpected) color instead of the one you clicked on then you either have the wrong version, or you need to run as administrator
  7. Select the Color of Mob you wish to attack, choose from the other available options.
  8. On completion press Start Bot
  9. Top Pause Bot press F3 or Stop Bot (may take a second or two to stop).
  10. To close Press F4.
Other Important Notes
This Bot expects that:
  1. Your Hp Pot is set to ‘=’
  2. Auto Attack is on and your attacks are on keys 1 to 6
  3. Your Main buffs are on keys 7 to 9
Enjoy and Bot Responsibly.

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