List of AD networks and CPM Rates (ongoing)

These are the rates for an average entertainment site with 300×250 banner ads.

Network Name eCPM Other Notes Fill P
 ValueClick  $0.75  You get to pick your own ads and high fill rate. Awesome Tier 1 Ad Network  15%  Y
PulsePoint $1.00 As you get to choose your own rate. The eCPM can Potentially be higher or lower but I’ve found this to be the best to get a reasonable fill rate 25% Y
Lijit $0.40 Lijit has Separate Rates for US traffic and ‘International’ Traffic. Noted here is US. By default, International CPM and fill rte is slightly lower 80% Y
 Yllix  $0.03  Extremely poor fillrate as well as low CPM. Fail to see why anyone would use them.  5% N
Copacet  N/A  CPC
 CPMFun $0.05  Impressive fill rate but the low CPM makes it not worth your time. 70% N
 CPM Go  $0.30  Above average eCPM and relatively good fill rate. Definitely one of the more impressive underdogs in the ad network world.  50%  Y

T* – > Traffic Utilization (how much of traffic sent to network was actually used)
P -> Passback tags (Y – Yes :  N – No)
E. eCPM* -> Effective Passback tags, CPM rate when T* is taken into account ( do not use literally is completely inaccurate if ad network uses Passback tags)

More data is always appreciated as this is an ongoing list. Seek me out in the comments if you have anything you wish to share

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