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Category: Linux

How to fix large chrome address bar and tabs in linux

Close ALL instances of chrome In the terminal type google-chrome –high-dpi-support=1 –force-device-scale-factor=1 you can add those flags in the necessary palaces to keep the change. In my case, Xubuntu 16.04, i opened the Menu Editor, found chrome and changed the command from /usr/bin/google-chrome-stable %U to /usr/bin/google-chrome-stable –high-dpi-support=1 –force-device-scale-factor=1 %U  

How to create a python virtual environment in Linux

Install pip sudo apt-get install python3-pip # replace apt-get with dnf or zypper or whatever your distro uses Install the python virtualenv package pip3 install virtualenv Make your main virtualenv directory mkdir ~/.virtualenvs Create the Virtual Environment virtualenv –python=`which python3` ~/.virtualenvs/myvenv Activate the virtual Environment with source ~/.virtualenvs/myvenv/bin/activate  

How to fix no public key available for the following key IDs in debian

On new debian servers, upon attempting to apt-get update you may see the following error root@myserver:~# apt-get update Get:1 wheezy/updates Release.gpg [1571 B] Get:2 wheezy/updates Release [102 kB] Get:3 wheezy Release.gpg [2390 B] …. Reading package lists… Done W: There is no public key available for the…

How To Install Linux, Nginx, MySQL & PHP (LEMP) on Debian 8

As always we start off with apt-get update apt-get upgrade Install MySQL Server apt-get install mysql-server You will be prompted to input a password, put anything “secure” Now let’s secure our database. mysql_secure_installation This will ask you a few questions – Enter “secure” password set previously – Change Password :…