How to install Ubuntu Yaru theme in Pop!_OS 20.04


sudo apt install yaru-theme-gnome-shell yaru-theme-gtk yaru-theme-icon yaru-theme-sound

Long Version

To search for a package in apt you can use the command sudo apt search searchterm. Using this command you get the following result:

ronald@MYPC:~$ sudo apt search yaru
Sorting... Done
Full Text Search... Done
pop-sound-theme/focal,focal,now 5.2.0~1599689740~20.04~11b9d22 all [installed,automatic]
  Pop sound theme

yaru-theme-gnome-shell/focal-updates,focal-updates all
  Yaru GNOME Shell desktop theme from the Ubuntu Community

yaru-theme-gtk/focal-updates,focal-updates all
  Yaru GTK theme from the Ubuntu Community

yaru-theme-icon/focal-updates,focal-updates all
  Yaru icon theme from the Ubuntu Community

yaru-theme-sound/focal-updates,focal-updates all
  Yaru sound theme from the Ubuntu Community

yaru-theme-unity/focal-updates,focal-updates all
  Yaru Unity theme from the Ubuntu Community

We’re not interested in yaru unity theme (I’m assuming you’re rocking the gnome shell) so we install the others.

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