Ubuntu 18.04 Tools and Apps

This serves to be an ever-changing personal list of what to install if I ever redo my Ubuntu machine. Currently I am running Ubuntu 18.04 so can only guarantee compatibility with that version.


Comfortable Swipehttps://github.com/Hikari9/comfortable-swipe-ubuntu
Lets you map trackpad gestures to just about anything. Also comes with sensible macbook-like defaults

MellowPlayer –¬†https://github.com/ColinDuquesnoy/MellowPlayer
Ever wanted a well integrated linux app for your music player of choice? Deezer? YouTube?
(Note: You will need to install pepperflash)

IntelliJ everything
Visual Studio Code


Dash To Dock
Workspace Grid
Sound Input and Output Device chooser

Note: All extensions can either be downloaded from the gnome-extensions site or the integrated software store

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