An (unexpected) Adobe Reader Replacement

Hiya all, while sorting through some old downloads stored on my PC today I saw this pretty cool theme that I had installed before. Now as I completely forgot how to install a custom theme (shame on me) I decided to simply read the ReadMe, as they say “Documentation is like sex, when its good.. it’s real good, when its bad.. its still better than nothing”.

Anyways to the point, the document was in pdf format and as I had just re-installed windows 7 on my pc (downgraded from windows 8 which I will discuss later) I had no pdf reader on my pc and was really not in the mood to get one. After a few seconds of staring blankly at my screen in thought I remembered that hey, my browser (Google Chrome) displays pdf files :).

So there I went, took the file and simply dragged and dropped into a new tab and voila!

Although it technically is adobe reader, it works without having to bother download the software package itself and it comes with the usual functions (from left to right) fit to screen height, fit to width, zoom out, zoom in, save and print. And lets be honest, what more would you need from a pdf reading software?
Anyways, just thought i’d share. Oh and as you can see the theme’s name is Placebo by Solmiler feel free to check out his deviantart at

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