Hi all, and welcome to The Raves of an IT Madman. As the blog title suggests this is an IT blog and I will mostly be sharing my IT tips, experiences and discoveries with you as I go on through my life. I decided to create this blog as I was torn between my two passions IT… and Anime. I already have an anime blog and so decided that I might as well create one for the other half of me :).

As the world of Information Technology is pretty huge (vague?) I believe I should mention that my specific interests, and by extension what you will be expected here…

  • IT Troubleshooting/Repair, sometimes the technician inside me screams to share a new discoverys and hey 🙂 now I have a medium to let it out. So you can expect completely random HowTo’s and tutorials to do the most bizarre yet interesting things.
  • Computer Security, I am and have been a Certified Penetration Tester for over 3 years now (re-exam due next year, wish me luck) and so a cool discovery on a hack or exploit (as well as how to use, modify, improve)  it may pop up here every now and then.
  • Programming, I love programming languages and while I am nowhere near the best in the world, some cool tips that I discover and find nowhere else may also pop up here.
  • Life-hacks, cool stuff one can do with day to day random IT junk laying around the house.
I believe that I should also mention that I consider myself more of a ‘Computer Science’ guy rather than an ‘Information Technology’ guy but for those who did ComSci in school. There really isn’t much blog-worthy is there? Anyways, thanks for stopping by and welcome to The Raves of an IT Madman

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